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FUELINJECT – Four lads from Hessen, Germany are known for their authentic music and promise to deliver a clenched fist of modern THRASHMETAL. Meanwhile 9 years have passed and FUELINJECT has outgrown its infancy for quite a long time. The band presents fast, aggressive and technically fierce riffs featured by shouting and growling vocals. It does not matter, whether it is an open air stage or a tiny pub – FUELINJECT takes every opportunity to elate the crowd. All of You out there, who are eager for pure Thrashmetal with a hint of Modern Metal infusion: FUELINJECT nails it!


Fuelinject (2016) are:

Sänger und Gitarrist/Vocalist Peter

Peter – Vocals / Guitar / Contact & Management (Foto: Cosima Lorenz)

Gitarrist und Sänger Gregor

Gregor – Guitar / Vocals (Foto: Cosima Lorenz)

Chris – Bass (Foto: Cosima Lorenz)

Drummer Vince

Vince – Drums (Foto: Cosima Lorenz)

2017 starts with the well known new years concert at the Bad Homburg E-Werk. But short after, the band startet their last offensive befor lay down the band. Two concerts in the netherlands as well as two more shows in germany ended the bands almost 10 years lasting career.

Fuelinject entspannt in Holland

GIG @ Het Podium Hoogeveen

Fuelinject started the year 2016 with a loud and uncompromising gig with Stagewar and Incordia. Short after that, the band was part of the lineup of Marburgs Musicfestival for the third time. Next to these live shows, Fuelinject kept working on the new record. Mixing and Mastering was then finised in May 2016 and shortly afterwards the new record “Accusation & Verdict” was released. The songs on this second EP mostly deal with politics and societycritizism. Click HERE to listen to the new record “Accusation & Verdict”.

In 2015 Fuelinect enthused the crowd on two rounds of Germanys Emergenza Bandcontest. A milestone in this year was by far the first show on the Ragnarock metal open air festival. But many more small shows filled up the timetable. At the end of the year the first recordings for the new EP were made.

Fuelinject auf dem Ragnarock Open Air 2015

(Fuelinject at the Ragnarock Open Air, Foto: Cosima Lorenz)

Fuelinject headlined the Marburg Musicfestival in spring 2014 and also played on the Sommerschein open air in Hofheim near Frankfurt. Next to that the band travelled to Bavaria for some more gigs and started to work with Bifroest Events Agency.

(Fuelinject at the Sommerschein Open Air, Foto: Sarah)

In early 2013 the band played their first few gigs after the restructuring and elated the crowd at every venue. New songs and older tracks were recorded at Red Floor Music studio in Wehrehim to release the first EP, called “MMXIII” in late August. After all the band enthusiasticly enjoyed playing as a combo of four, so more songs and new concepts were created.

Fuelinject 2013

(Fuelinjects first appearence as a combo. Promoshot 2013: from left to right: Chris, Gregor, Vince, Peter / Foto: Jonas D.)

In late 2012 founding member Valle canceled his job on the lead-guitar to pursue his goals of an actual job. So the band underwent a restructuring, that should lead to a complete new defenition of Fuelinject. Since the band members commenced studies in Marburg, Frankfurt and Gießen, the band-practice was set to a new location and Peter filled the void on guitars, while still being the bands main vocalist. The band defined itself with a darker and by far heavier style. Groove and Southernrock-elements were partly replaced by faster and darker riffs. There was an undenieable tendency for Thrash-Death-Metal.

Fuelinject um 2011

(with new drummer / from left to right: Gregor, Valle, Peter, Vince, Chris / Foto: Nina P.)

he year before (2011) introduced itself with a switch on the drums. Founding member Tobi needed to leave the band, for his and the bands intrests diverged in a way too strong. The new man on the pots was Vince, who could instantly upgrade the bands need for faster and heavier drumfills and blasts.

In 2010 Fuelinject had their first option to professionally record a song at Deadbull Studios, Cologne. The single was called “Never Survive the Pit” and ironically deals with the great atmosphere at a metal concert, where people go insane. The song was developed under the supervision of Tobi, the drummer, who wrote the main themes and appears to be a better guitarist actually. Since then, Fuelinject played the song as opening track or as an encore, for the song was by far one of the best songs at that time due to its unique style and riffing. However, through this record and other new material, the band showed an undeniable will to pusue greater goals than just hobby-playing, namely creating real authentic Metal.

Fuelinject 2009

(the five-member period / from left to right: Tobi, Gregor, Peter, Valle, Chris / Foto: Fuelinject)

In the beginning: Fuelinject was already founded in late 2007! Valle (Guitar), Chris (Bass) and Tobi (Drums), three lads from Taunus, a low mountain range in Hessen, Germany, started to play Metal music.
This was triggered through the young and popular local scene. In 2008 Sören (Guitar) and Peter (Vocals) were added to complete the group of five. The band started playing mid-tempo heavy rock stuff and filled a void in the local scene, that demanded more tunes for headbanging. The first local gigs responded positive and so the band kept practising and creating new material. In 2008 Sören already was replaced by Greg due to improper intrests. The path was laid for the bands first years to play live and create metal music.

Fuelinject 2008/09

(the first bandmembers / from left to right: Chris, Sören, Valle, Peter, Tobi / Foto: Fuelinject)